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The Tag Heuer Carrera Grand Carrera Replica in two-tone gold and silver was also reintroduced to this series. The gold watch had the ref. The 16718 was available in two versions: a black dial and a bezel with a completely black insert, and a brown dial and a bronze insert. The two watches are very different and each has its own character. The "Root Beer GMT" was also available with a brown dial, bronze and gold bezel insert and a black dial. The brown dial with the sunburst or soleil finish added a new dimension to the watch. When these dials catch sunlight, it's a sight not to be missed.

Rolex Collectors Love the Details! I say it often and it has never been more true than now. Each letter, dash and font size is important to help collectors keep track of the history of each reference. The 16710 was produced for 18 years, which meant there were many variations and changes. Rolex started assigning codes to steel watches based on the bezel inserts installed at the factory. The letters A and B were used to represent Coke, Pepsi, and black, respectively. There was now a triplet 16710A for Coke, 16710B for Pepsi and 16710N for black; not identical but all in the same family.high quality best replica watches

The luminous material on the dials, hands and hands also changed. Rolex used tritium for its lume in 1989. The dial was marked accordingly, even though it is a low-risk substance. The dial's bottom edge was marked with "SWISS T25". This meant that the tritium emitting at the time was less than 25mCi. Rolex began using LumiNova towards the end of 1998.

LumiNova, invented by a Japanese firm and patented in the United States, was completely harmless because it wasn't radioactive but photoluminescent.IWC Ingenieur Replica The dials were made only for about 18 months. They can be identified with the word "SWISS", which is written on the bottom of the dial. Super-LumiNova, a new photoluminescent material was developed in 2000. The dials had "SWISS-MADE" stamped at the bottom. Collectors use these three markings to describe each dial version. Due to their extremely limited production, the LumiNova Swiss dials are the rarest.

I consider the 16710s to be one of the last Rolex sport models that have what we call the "vintage" look. The GMT2's have a beefier case, but the classic proportions of the GMTs are still present. The bracelets of these watches were the last fully brushed before the introduction to the polished center links. The 16710 GMT2 came with the classic steel Jubilee band ref. The 62510 was the 20mm standard bracelet used by many Rolex watches of the time.