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The 6542 case had a three-piece construction, similar to the current watches. The mid-case is where the dial and movement were located. A bezel ring held the acrylic crystal in position. The screw-on back was the third part of the case. The screw-down winding cap and this system made the Oyster case waterproof. It was guaranteed to be able to withstand a 100m underwater depth.

Two innovations were revolutionary at the time but we now take them for granted. The date magnifying bubble or, to use Rolex's terminology, "cyclops" was the first, and less obvious, innovation. The Datejust line had introduced this feature the year prior (1953). The second feature was the dual-time zone complication.

Dual-timezone was an excellent tool for both pilots and travelers, who often travel across continents. Commercial pilots found it particularly useful to be able to keep track of local and home times. Pan American Airlines, an American airline (Audemars Piguet Replica), asked Rolex to design a watch specifically for its pilots. This partnership led Rolex to develop the Audemars Piguet Replica, and specifically the first ref. 6542.

Commercially available watches were based on the Calibre 1030, which was then modified to add the 24-hour hand. The calibre 1065 was assigned. The chronometer-rated engine was a four hand engine with a date function. The 24-hour hand rotated one full revolution every 24 hours, and the bidirectional bezel allowed the wearer to check the home time after adjusting their watch to local or vice versa.

The first Audemars Piguet Replica series is highly collectible as it was only produced for a very short time and has some amazing details that vintage collectors love.Franck Muller Replica The dials are made using a galvanic printing process, where text is raised. The gold lettering on the dial is actually the brass dial base plate showing through the gloss black lacquer dial. These dials are called gilt dials by vintage collectors. They look beautiful, like a pool black oil. Tropical dials are dials that change color and become different shades of brown. Tropical dials come in a variety of shades, from dark chocolate to caramel. They are all unique and highly prized. Rolex enthusiasts are also interested in the small arrows on the red hands of early Rolex watches.